The Texas Ringer

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October 21-22 Qualifications

October 23 Shoot-up

$30 per entry fee (if you shoot twice $60 total)

The Texas Ringer is something New and Exciting that will get us ready for SYWAT

Prize Money (60% of entry fees - rounded to the closests 5)

Your Division Prize Money

60% of your divisions entry fee's goes toward prize money!

1-4 Entry's 1st payout

5-8 Entry's 1st and 2nd payout

9-more Entry's 1st, 2nd, 3rd payout

You can enter Max of 2 times (Meaning you can shoot twice during the Oct 21-22 and top score is taken)

Divisions and Bow Class

Open Divisions (Male/Female Shoot Together)

All Distances are 20 yards

Under 15 (Meaning if you are 14 or younger, you shoot in this division)

Under 21 (meaning if you are 20 or younger, you shoot in this division)

Adult (21 years and older)

Archers can shoot in a higher division if they like.


Shooters straddle
the shooting line. An end will be
composed of 5 arrows with a time
limit of 4 minutes.
.The round shall be
two practice ends and 12 scoring ends. After 6 ends, if you are shooting bottom, you will move to the top. If you are shooting top, you will move to the bottom.


The scoring area values shall be 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1.

The highest scoring area shall be in the X ring, without touching the line (7).

The 6 score will be an X that touches the line.

The line that separates the scoring area shall be entirely in the higher scoring area (touch the line) except for the center area where the center area will be scored as a 7 and if touching the white line, will be scored as a 6.After 6 ends, the bottom shooters change to the top target and the top shooters change to the bottom targets.

An archer who shoots arrows at the target more than the prescribed number shall lose the arrows of higher value in that end. A penalty of one point is assessed for each arrow shot over the prescribed number of arrows

(this means an archer may shoot all five arrows into the same spot on a
multi-spot target and they still score). The penalty point comes only
after the extra arrow/arrows are shot.

Equipment Definition

NFAA Rules will be followed and these are the only divisions shooting



TRAD (Only going to run an adult Division of this one)

Freestyle Compound

Bowhunter Freestyle Compound

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The Texas Ringer List of Registered Archers

Registered Archers