We are a small team with a simple mission: to provide the best customer service in the industry

We choose to focus on each individual customer so we can thoroughly understand their equipment needs and skill level. Archery is a challenging sport, so we help educate, fuel and build long-lasting relationships to encourage others who share our passion.

Oh, and we have a lot of fun too.


Raymond picked up his first bow at the age of eight and was hooked instantly. He is an avid outdoorsman and enjoys the challenge of the sport. “It’s all about the chase. It’s the adrenaline of being able to get within range of an animal, without being detected, that makes me passionate about the hunt.” He has truly turned his passion into a career. He is a certified Level II Instructor, Professional Staffshooter and, by all accounts, a marksman at competitions. Raymond also operates a 3-D archery league shooting competition in his free time. He takes pride in being a part of building the tool that fuels other archers’ success


Richard has been with Texas Archery since 2004. His hunting career started with rifles and shotguns like many hardcore bow hunters did. Looking for a bigger challenge led him to his first bow in 1986, when all bows were shot with fingers and measured close to 50” axle to axle with 11” brace height. Like many bow hunters he had to learn the ropes and was self taught, “I made countless mistakes along the way. After I shot my first deer with a bow I had the rush of excitement back.” Richard started a journal of his bow harvest from the beginning, which to date is over 300  archery big game animals and going strong.

“The most rewarding part of my job is seeing people become successful and exceeding their own expectations. I’ll say this for now hunting. It never gets old!”


Kay’s love for archery first started about 30 years ago when she began bow hunting with family. At that time, there weren’t many females in bow hunting, so finding coaches and instructors was difficult. As the years went on, she learned from different people and was able to figure things out for herself. As the archery industry grew, new equipment started to become more available for women and young adults. These improvements made it easier to get into the competitive side of archery. While hunting and shooting at shops she found herself trying to help others and that sparked her interest for teaching, “I quit my career in cosmetology and gained my Level III instructor certification from USA Archery, teaching traditional and compound archery to people in 1986.”

Kay’s teaching has expanded into other organizations such as NASP, 4H and Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts. She has also taught Olympic recurve and has recently been involved with a local paralyzed veterans group teaching adaptive measures. Some of her achievements include state champion and shooter of the year in the NFAA in her division. She competes in 3D competitions and has placed numerous times in indoor competitions. “Most of my teaching is out of Texas Archery, where I get to work with many other amazing people who are also involved in the industry. I really enjoy archery and I hope to continue to share my passion with others by helping them learn.”


Joey is an avid archer, having been devoted to the sport for more than 30 years. Whether it was hunting for the first time in 1984, building a new bow ‘recently’ for a seasoned customer, or teaching our newest generation the ‘ins and outs’ of the latest technology in archer. It has always been Joey’s passion to just enjoy the outdoors and the comradery that can only be experienced when fall is in the air and the smoke rises from the campfire. Joey’s accomplishments include being a Level II instructor, experience in repairing all makes and models of bows, having the privilege to harvest a multitude of wild game and hunting in multiple states. Joey’s philosophy is to get out and enjoy the outdoors and the experience of the hunt. “You never come home empty- handed; you always come home with memories of the outdoors. The bow, arrow, and hunting have been here for a long time, per Genesis 27:3. We’re only here for a short while, so get out there and experience the outdoors, but enjoy the whole hunting opportunity.”


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