Wrap Up Your Shopping with a Bow, a Mathews VXR That Is

If you have someone in your life who hunts, who might need a new bow or who is looking for something just a little bit more comfortable, look no further than the brand-new Mathews’ VXR models.

Available in both 28” and 31.5” axle-to-axle, this is quite possibly Mathews’ most accurate and forgiving bow. And we at Texas Archery, really like it.

‘They’ve changed the shape and design of the riser, which is called a Six Bridge Riser,’ says our tech, Joey Muller. ‘There is less weight and more strength because of the criss-cross design.’

The VXR 28 is an inch longer than last year’s Triax, which makes it a more stable bow. They are both well-suited for tree and ground hunting, with great durability and lighter weight. But for those of you who like to tree hunt with a shorter bow, the 28 is a lot more forgiving and accurate because of the shorter riser.

The riser on the 31.5 is the same length as last year’s model, called the Traverse.

But the axle-to-axle is the same length, so it makes a little shorter bow. This also adds to the flexibility.

‘This is a real top-quality bow. The smoothness and quietness are two of the main advantages,’ adds Joey. ‘But another big selling feature is the fact that they can come in eight colours.’

In case you were wondering, ambush green is the most popular colour.

Customization is a major advantage to buying these bows. Switch out a variety of components to build your own bow; from custom damping options to cables and rests. As well, with the VXR models, you can change weight cams from peak weight of 60, 65, 70 or 75 pounds of draw weight.

‘As a customer, you can literally build your own bow in the shop,’ explains Joey. ‘Buy an extra set of weights and change them out yourself at home. No other bows, except the Mathews, can do that.’

Don’t take our word for it - come into the shop and give both VXR models a try. We have several bows in stock to test shoot. You won’t be disappointed.

Because of their flexibility and customizability, these bows are suitable for everyone, from beginners to advanced shooters. And if you come and buy one before all our stock is gone, you can wrap up your title of the Best Gift Giver Ever in time for Christmas. And top it off with a bow.