Just For The Love of It

It’s no secret we think our community of archery enthusiasts are the best in the world. In our last blog, we talked about Cory Rogers, one of our young customers. And we wanted to continue with another story about Brett Stephens. (Don’t worry, we’ll get back to talking about us next month…)

We wanted to highlight Brett because of his love of archery and how his enthusiasm and desire to share his passion are the kinds of things that inspire us to give our best every day to every customer. (See? This is about us, really.)

Brett has only been into archery for about two and a half years. Like a lot of our customers, he has hunted for a long time, but only took up a bow after his business partner, Rushdi, suggested it would be fun. Now it’s the only kind of hunting he wants to do.

What makes him special to us, is that archery isn't really something he does, it’s become a part of who he is. And we think that guy is amazing.

How did he discover Texas Archery?

He and Rushdi had been talking about buying bows for a while. And one day, on impulse, they decided to just go and buy a bow NOW.  Thankfully, our shop is very close to their office.

Being new, they had no idea what they needed.

“We walked into Texas Archery, not knowing that it was the week before hunting season opened, and it was 20 minutes before the shop closed,” Brett says with a chuckle. “Richard and Joey both looked exhausted but they stayed late and got us all set up. They are top-notch.”

Why does he love it so much?

“It’s a huge stress relief for me. No matter where it is, shooting a few arrows clears my mind. Brett adds, “I’ve always enjoyed shooting: whether it was darts or guns. But we can do this anywhere - in the backyard, behind the business...”

Oh yeah, did we mention they love the sport so much they built a small range behind their business so they can shoot any time?

It’s now becoming a family affair: not only does he get to share his passion with his closest friends, but also his two sons are joining in. His oldest, who’s 11 now, has a bow. His youngest has just started to be part of the cool crowd.

“With the 3D shoots Texas Archery has each week, my youngest comes in and does the rangefinder for me. The shop is very family-oriented,” says Brett. “And keeping this next generation involved is going to help preserve our resources and wildlife and protected lands. We really need that.”

Now his wife is looking to buy a bow. Brett suspects it might have more to do with spending time together than the actual sport. Even still, that curiosity is usually how the love of it starts.

Before he started shooting bows, he never really understood how addicting it can be. He does now. And it’s not just hunting for him.

“If you told me I couldn’t bow hunt anymore, I would still shoot competition archery because I enjoy the sport of archery,” explains Brett. “In terms of Texas Archery, I’ve been in shops around the country and no one really compares to what they have. Their facilities are top-notch, their people are fantastic. They carry everything you need.”

Brett is looking forward to their summer vacation this year. Not only are they going to see YellowStone National Park for the first time, but they’ve also signed up for the Total Archery Challenge. These are archery events that take place across the U.S., so you can shoot against people from across the country, not just your local competitors.

What are some things he recommends for people just starting archery?

Two things Brett strongly recommends:

  1. Find a pro shop. They had no clue about what they needed, but our techs set him up with bows, sites and stabilizers. “Stick with experts and they’ll get you started right.”
  2. Lessons are a need to have. Brett started with lessons from our instructor, Kay. You start with the basic fundamentals. “Lessons can save you a tremendous amount of time, frustration and money.”

“I hear about people who just think they can figure it out on their own,” says Brett. But their equipment doesn’t fit them, they’re not happy with the way they’re shooting and develop bad habits. What could have been a really fun hobby turns into frustration and they don’t continue or throw money at more equipment.”

Why does he come back to Texas Archery?

  1. Customer Service: “They provide great service after the sale.”
  2. Price: “It’s much cheaper to buy a bow from them and whatever you need in the future, they take care of it. It’s like buying a new car with a warranty; they’re the best people to work on it. You never have to worry about it.”
  3. Experience: “All of their techs are very knowledgeable and I trust them to look after any of my bows.”

We’re so happy Brett is a member of our archery community - he comes in now to hang out and visit, even if it’s not archery-related.

So, if his family is looking for him, come on down; you might find him with us. And while you’re here, you can shoot a few arrows too!