Expressing our gratitude to our Veterans

Memorial Day is a time when we publicly honor our veterans and the people who serve this great country; no matter what arm of the service you’re in. It is an opportunity to remember the great sacrifices that were made and appreciate how fortunate we are.

We believe it takes a special kind of person to join the military. Displaying dedication, patience, and honour, they serve their country every day; regularly in harsh environments and less than ideal circumstances. Many pay the ultimate price. And we must remember not all wounds cannot be seen; scars can be both mental and physical.

We are incredibly honored and proud to have many of these amazing people as our customers and friends. We enjoy the freedoms we have because of the sacrifices of so many of our fellow Texans. To our veterans, we hope that our “family”, and the services, ranges and comfortable atmosphere that is Texas Archery is a place for you to relax, enjoy and feel at home.

We want to express our gratitude, on behalf of all of our customers and families, for the peace and quality of life that we enjoy today. This is a time to acknowledge those who have fought for us and remember the bravery and sacrifice that our freedom has cost. Let’s also remember that just because the war is over for veterans, their battle often continues. As a country, we must do whatever we can to help those in need and provide the physical and mental health support that will allow them to move on from their war and forward with their lives.

It’s also important to honor the families of military personnel. They support loved ones who find themselves missing important family events because they were sent to far away places where danger is a daily consideration. Knowing there is someone at home, whether its parents, spouses or partners, allows service men and women to focus on their duty so they can join their families when their job is done.

 God bless you and keep you safe.