What Do You Need To Crush Your New Year’s Challenge?

Many people like to make New Year’s resolutions. Most have to do with eating better and going to the gym.

But what if you wanted to do something different? Discover a new skill? What if you took on a unique new challenge?

Learning to use a bow and arrow fits that bill. Maybe some of your friends bow hunt and you wanted to hang out with them more, so you’re up for seeing what it’s all about. Even if all you wanted to do is try your hand at archery, just for fun. Or if you got completely hooked and decided you wanted to try your hand at competing.

At Texas Archery, we don’t judge. We just simply want to share our love of the sport with other, like-minded people.

Now, you’re new. So what equipment do you need? There are LOTS of choices, with a range of price tags. Doodads and thing-a-ma-jiggies. But do you NEED all of that? What will make you a better shot? Is there something you need to make you more comfortable? And what is just a waste of your hard-earned cash?

‘People are individuals and so are their preferences,’ says our tech, Joey. ‘It’s all about functionality and comfort for that specific person. Good equipment that fits always leads to a better experience.’

And a better experience means you’ll continue to do it.

Besides practice, (because we’ve all heard ‘practice makes perfect’), here are our Top 5 Things you need to seriously rock (and enjoy!) the sport:

  1. Bow (obviously)
  2. Arrow rest
  3. Sight
  4. Arrow Quiver
  5. Stabilizer

‘Every piece of equipment is important. But the most significant items are your bow and the arrow rest,’ advises Joey. ‘You need to love your bow to shoot well. But the rest is the heart of the bow and it’s what ties everything together.’

In choosing your equipment, there are many options. So we wanted to give you a bit more information about them:

  1. At Texas Archery, we sell Mathews, Hoyt, Mission, BowTech and Elite bows. Because each bow and every manufacturer has particular characteristics that make them different, you should try them out to see which one you prefer.
  2. For the arrow rest, we use Quality Archery Design (QAD)s. They come in multiple models. But we prefer the ‘drop away’ style versus the ‘shoot through’ option. The drop away has no contact between the arrow and the bow, making your shot more accurate.
  3. Sights are tricky. They have both fixed pins (you only see one dot at the fixed yardage when you look through the site and are preparing your shot) and moveable pins (you can dial in the yardage you want and there are 1 to 3 dots visible). Again, you need to check them both out, because some people have a particular preference.
  4. Quality matters when it comes to quivers. The hunting tip of an arrow is razor sharp. These tips go inside your quiver; so a good quality design keeps you from hurting yourself and damaging your equipment.
  5. Stabilizers are more of a personal preference. Everyone grips their bow a little bit differently so the stabilizers balance the bow and take the shock out of the shot. This makes the bow quieter and a bit easier to handle.

We have a variety of test equipment so you can try before you buy. And we set up every bow we sell. We don’t want to tell you not to buy equipment over the internet (until you’re experienced enough to know what you need, sight unseen). Our techs have been doing this for decades, and good-fitting equipment comes from professional advice and installation.

‘Also, if you’re a beginner, a lesson always works best for you and us,’ says Joey. ‘We get to see how you hold your bow, how you stand, etc. so we can make a better recommendation for your equipment.’

No matter what you need, from all of the essentials to simply a new bow or better quality quiver, we’re here to help you get out there and crush your New Year’s challenge.