Texas Archery 3D Series with Shoot-Off

Tournament: 3D Series and Shoot-off

Series Dates: May 1st – May 21st

Shoot-Off: May 22nd

Cost: $20 (Replacement scores $10)


  1. Shoot anytime between  May 1st- May 21st
  1. Archers must shoot at least one round before May 21st to compete in the shoot off
  2. Archers will shoot 20 targets for score
  3. Depending on number of archers, there will be flights assigned (group archers with like scores)
  4. Round can be shot any time between dates above
  5. Round must be shot with a witness
  6. Scores will be submitted at the register
  7. Cost is $20 for first score
  8. Reshoot is $10 per try, this allows you to reshoot if you would like to submit a better score. You can reshoot as many times as you like
  9. Scores will be posts online as they come in


Shoot off rules

  1. Depending on ranking, shooters will compete head-to-head
  2. Archers will shoot 5 targets
  3. Top score moves to next round
  4. Ties will be determined by one arrow shoot off