Keeping It In The Family

Keeping It In The Family

When you walk into Texas Archery, you’re treated like one of the family. That’s because we pride ourselves in offering the best customer service in the industry. And we believe our indoor ranges are the best in the area. Our mission is to make each person who walks through our door feel comfortable and well-taken care of; on the way to becoming a satisfied customer.

Derek Begnaud is one of these people. We’re proud to call Derek a long-time customer and a friend. He has been coming to Texas Archery almost since we opened our doors. He hunts white tail, hog and elk; he started hunting with his dad when he was “four or five”, he tells us. In fact, his dad, Doug, liked us so much, he’s now one of our shooting staff.

And while we think that MIGHT have something to do with it, we don’t believe his dad is the only reason he continues to come to Texas Archery for his hunting needs.

Our ranges allow Derek to shoot for long periods of time. We offer the versatility to do multiple things and people don’t have to be outside in the heat, being miserable.

“What really sticks out about Texas Archery? That  would have to be the variety of bow ranges, because of the options,” says Derek, who not only bow hunts, but competes in archery as well.

“For competition season, they have their 20-yard range, which is the same range we’ll shoot in competition. It’s great to go in and shoot so you can get comfortable. And leading up to hunting season, they have the 10-50 yards range so I can shoot different distances.”

The realism of the 3D range allows him to practice specific skills. He gets ready to hunt for various animals, and his wife practices in comfort, which keeps her interested in bowhunting.

“I like the air conditioning,” admits Derek. “Texas is really, really hot. But, I’ve also developed a great relationship with Raymond, Richard and Joey (our bow tuning staff). It’s nice to be able to shoot there, work and tune your bows and get everything just right.”

What makes it worthwhile to drive the hour to Texas Archery?

“Relationships,” he says simply. “Raymond goes above and beyond and out of his way to make sure my bows shoot perfect, that there aren’t any issues with them.”

“Raymond is young and he knows a lot,” comments Derek. “When the younger people, the new generation who will continue to move archery forward, go into Texas Archery, they tend to go his way. But all of the staff in there are second to none.”

His advice for someone who is thinking about trying archery?

“Go to a pro shop, like Texas Archery,” advises Derek. “Sit down with one of their techs and spend the money up front, where it matters. Do it once and get it done right. Sit down with Kay (our Level 3 Instructor) and get a few lessons. It creates a better experience and obviously quality equipment is something you keep for a long time.”

When asked about trying to get more women into the sport, he recalls his wife started shooting to spend more time with him while he was getting ready to go hunting.

“My sisters all shoot. It’s usually husbands, significant others or fathers who get women into it (bow hunting),” he says. “But the first time they get to shoot an animal or do something extraordinary with them, that usually hooks them.”

With a baby girl on the way, Derek says he hopes to get her “into hunting and fishing before cheerleading and dancing”.

We wish him well and are excited to welcome the next generation of Begnaud’s at Texas Archery.

We know it can be a difficult decision but if you’re interested in learning more about archery or bow hunting, but you’re unsure or worried about spending the money, come in and ask for Kay. She has equipment you can try, like adjustable bows, for left- and right-handers. Take an hour lesson and try out a variety of bows to see if it’s right for you.